Prenatal FISH Panel

Indication and diagnostic value

Prenatal diagnosis should be performed at an early time point during pregnancy to facilitate for a conventional chromosome analysis. In some situations, however, an immediate exclusion of the most common chromosomal anomalies might be important. Such indications are for example an abnormal serum finding (triple-test). A prenatal FISH test detects a limited number of numerical chromosomal aberrations in interphase cells. Fluorescence labeled probes for the chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y are being used. Other probes are available for the analysis of specific questions.

The FISH- technique delivers a result within 24 hours. Because the FISH test is limited to a small number of numerical chromosomal aberrations, an additional conventional chromosome analysis will be performed in each causal sonogram, or a late time point of diagnosis during pregnancy.

Samples and Test Value

A prenatal FISH-test will only be performed in connection with a conventional chromosome analysis. 3-5 ml of additional amniotic fluid are necessary (18-20 ml total, no blood contamination).

Turnaround time 24h

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