Tumor cytogenetic analysis

Indication and Diagnostic Value:

Bone marrow and leukemic blood analysis is suggested to confirm and characterize hematological disorders, to stage the disease process, to monitor course of treatment of leukemia and lymphoma and to confirm remission or relapse.

Samples and Test Method:

Bone Marrow
 1-2 ml of initial bone marrow aspirate drawn into a preservative-free sodium heparinized syringe (approx. 500 USP sodium heparin per ml specimen).
Peripheral Blood
 Patient should have a WBC of 15,000 or higher with approximately 10% circulating immature myeloid or lymphoid blast cells. Collect 10 ml of blood in a preservative-free sodium heparin (green top) vacutainer.
Standard Study 
 20 G-banded cells are completely analyzed and a minimum of 5 karyotypes are prepared. Additional chromosome analysis and special banding techniques are employed as needed.

Turnaround time 14 days

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