Prenatal Chromosome Analysis

Indication and Diagnostic Value

A cytogenetic analysis or karyotype determines the number and structure of chromosomes in a cell. Such a test is recommended for prenatal diagnosis in cases of abnormal triple Diagnostic Values (AFP Plus Test *), advanced age of the mother (usually at and above 35 years) or father, patients with carriers of translocations in their families, patients with habitual miscarriages, congenital findings with the parents, and other indications.

Sample and Test Methode

The in-situ method of cell culture is performed. G-banded metaphase spreads from 15 cells from a minimum of 2 independent cultures are examined. 5 cells are completely analysed and a minimum of 5 karyotypes is prepared. Additional chromosome analysis and special banding technique are employed as needed.
A prenatal FISH-test will only be performed in connection with a conventional chromosome analysis. 3-5 ml of additional amniotic fluid are necessary (18-20 ml total, no blood contamination).
Turnaround time 14 days after specimem receipt.
* Each chromosomal analysis is accompanied by analysis of AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) and AchE (Acetylcholinesterase). An AFP Plus Serum Test (Triple-Test) can be arranged upon request.

AFP: Pathological values will be transmitted immediately: 24 hours

AchE: Pathological values will be transmitted immediately: 4-5 days

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