Postnatal Chromosome Analysis

Indication and Diagnostic Value:

A postnatal chromosome analysis is recommended in cases of women who had frequent habitual abortions, or of newborn babies or children with congenital disorders or deformities, in children with unclear mental retardations, or in children with forms of an atypical morphology or other developments of stigmas. Also, growth disturbances during childhood indicate a chromosomal analysis.

Samples and Test Method:

Chromosome preparation from peripheral blood
  3 - 5 ml peripheral blood (1 -2 ml for newborns) in an apprpriately sized preservative-free sodium heparin tube. Lithium heparin may be used if sodium heparin is not available.
Chromosome Preparation from fibroblast cell culture
  Skin tissue pieces in steril tubes with transport medium or preservative-free saline. NO FORMALIN!

Standard Study
We perform all analysis on prometaphase chromosomes. G-banded chromosomes from 15 Metaphase cells are examined. These cells are obtained through the use of a synchronization technique to obtain chromosomes at the 500 band level.

Mosaic Study
   G-banded chromosomes from at least 50 cells are examined.

Other Studies
 Fluorescence-in situ-Hybridisation (FISH), and special stains are available.

Turnaround time 14 days, 5 days in urgent cases

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