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Every day we learn from molecular genetic research that a steadily increasing number of diseases may arise due to a predisposition inherited from our parents, or asquired spontaneously. In other words, diseases which are thought to occur sporadically like for example cancer, or which develop because of life style factors such as heart disease and obesity in fact also originate from a genetic predisposition. In many cases, we might live for years with that predisposition, not knowing that we are at much higher risk of developing a disease than other individuals who do not carry the defective gene.

But genetic research not only studies the underlying cause of a disease but also provides tools for its detection and consequently a rationale to deal with the inherited risk. Early detection of a genetic predisposition and assessment of the risk for developing a disease is possible if an appropriate genetic test is available. Therefore, a decision to ask for a test implies very often the desire to know what might happen in the future, how to live with this knowledge, and whether to take appropriate measures.

The Berlin (Germany) based IMMD is a leading Laboratory that provides tests for genetic diseases to physicians and clinicians, as well as the general public. Founded in 1994, it provides genetic tests for the medical and health care sector. Genetic analysis at the IMMD is performed by a highly qualified and experienced staff of molecular biologists, chemists and medical doctors. More than twenty five thousand patients have been requesting our genetic tests through their physicians over the last years.

The tests developed by IMMD are being conducted in accordance to the recommendations and guidelines of the American and German Societies of Human Genetics and to the German health insurance companies. The IMMD - tests are being regularly approved by national and European quality control inspections, which are surveyed by an external review committee. All tests developed by IMMD are validated and internally certified.

Genetic tests developed by the IMMD are based on a proprietary technology for the analysis of DNA, which is extracted from paper-dried blood spots ("Blood Stain Paper"). For this procedure, small amounts of blood are dried on special test-paper. These samples can be conveniently obtained from patients in a primary care facility or even at home. The "Blood Stain Paper" might then be sent by regular mail to our laboratory.

The analysts are highly skilled researchers working under laboratory directors (Professor Dr. Jürgen Kunz, Cytogentics, and Dr. Eva Spitzer, Molecular & Forensic Genetics) who are licensed by the State of Germany. Our laboratories regularly pass periodic inspections and external quality trials (see chapter Quality Trials ).

For detailed test description see “Molecular Genetic Testing” or "Cytogenetic Analysis" .


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